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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Fully reversible Apron

I decided to make something different for a change today and here it is a fully reversible Apron!
It was really easy to make and can be easily made in less than 1 hour!

I used:
 approx 1 metre of fabric ( half metre of each fabric)

strips of fabric 26" x 3" for the neck strap & 2 x 32" x 3" for the back straps

2 pieces of fabric 32" x 35" for the actual apron and cut it out by hand without a pattern
( the bottom part of the apron measured approx 24" x 28" and the shaped part for the top part of the apron measured approx 6.5" x 9")

How I made it!!

I made the straps first and then  placed them where they were to go on top of the first piece of fabric which was right side up on the cutting table

I then placed the second piece of fabric right side face down on top and pinned it all into place

I then sew around 3 sides leaving the bottom open so I could turn the apron the right way around

After I had done this I damp pressed it and then finished the bottom hem and pressed again!

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