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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Fabric Shapes

Well here we go as promised a photo of a few shapes made with my new dies! I know I keep saying it but honestly they are so easy to use, I can highly recommend them! Lol!!
Some of the butterflies I have doubled up to make them look different!
these must have taken less than 30 mins to make

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Sizzix Bigz Dies

My son has bought me 3 more dies and given them to me today as an early Mothers Day present, Going to have a play with them tomorrow, so I will post photos later of the outcome!
but for now here are the dies he bought me

Quilt Packs

I have completed all my quilt sets ready for sewing today, Cant wait to get started now! lol!!

Here they are, all ready to store away ready for use later

Monday, 20 March 2017

Fabric ready to make into Kids Quilt Kits

I've had a somewhat busy day today sorting out some fabric I bought off E Bay for only £20 to make into Baby Quilts/Playmats
I thought you might like to see a photo of the colours I have put together to make them with so here they are:

and here they are in a little more detail:

I just have to cut them up & sort the fabric for the Top, Bottom & Edging strips 

These should make around 40 quilts when all done, I'm going to make the kits up first then I can pick one out at a time to make them up as I feel like it!lol!!

This is how I intend to cut them all up:
FQ = 22” x 18”

18 divided by 3” = 6 pieces at 22” wide

4FQ = total of 24 strips @ 3” x 22”

4 FQ will do 2 quilts

36” = 90cm ( 12 pieces)
22” = 55 cm

 each quilt  100cm x 70cm approx finished size needs the following fabric:

  • 12 strips 3” x 22” ( 3 each fabric )
  • 5” x 22” x 2 (top/bottom)  (4 pieces for 2 quilts)
  • 5” x 44” x 2(sides)    (4 pieces for 2 quilts)
  • 1 metre backing
  • 1 metre wadding

therefore for 2 quilts I need the following fabric:

  • 2 metre backing (1metre backing/quilt)
  • 4 FQ cut into 24 x3” strips @22” (12/ quilt)
  • 1 metre sides,top & bottom (0.5 metre/quilt)
  • 2 metre x 32” wadding (1metre/quilt)

Saturday, 18 March 2017

FQ Packs 2

And a few more packs to save me time in the future! lol!


FQ Packs 1

Well I sent a few hours this week putting together some FQ packs to save me time at a later date, this way I can just pick a pack and begin sewing! lol!!


Monday, 13 March 2017

3 Medium Fabric Craft packs made up

Well I haven't done much today apart from rearrange my sewing room, yet again!!( photos to follow)
but I did manage to put together these 3 Fabric Craft packs. 

I started a while ago making a few packs up in different sizes when I had the odd hour to spare, this enables me to just pick a pack and then simply sew it when I feel like it!
I have quilt kits made up too for the same reason!

Useful Charts

I found these charts while searching the net and thought they might be useful so just adding them here for future reference! lol!
I hope someone else finds them useful too.
Just click on them to view the larger size

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Fabric Shapes & Appliqué shapes!

An hour spare and I made myself A few new fabric shapes with my dies & some fabric scraps!

I thought it would save me some time when it came to doing my appliqué 

and a few appliqué squares, ready to iron on and sew!

I cut the squares from a larger piece of fabric and simply added the adhesive backing, not sure what I am going to use them for as yet but I'm sure I'll think of something! lol!