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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Red Heart Quilt/Playmat

Red Heart Quilt/Playmat
approx size - 100cm x 80cm

(These instructions assume some basic sewing knowledge)

Fabric Needed:

20 x strips 3" x 21" in 5 different fabrics(4 strips of each fabric)

2 x 5" x 30" for outer edging
2 x 5" x 42" for outer edging

backing fabric - 30" x 50"

1. Arrange fabric as in photo
2. sew squares of fabric pieces together
3. Add side pieces to main throw
4. Press all seams
5. lay fleece Fabric wrong side up on a flat surface
6. Place patchwork Throw, right side up on top of the fleece
7. Pin into place ensuring all fabric is flat
8. hem around the edge, sewing through both layers of fabric
9. Steam Press

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