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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Kids Tote Bags & Tutorial

I used a 100% cotton FQ for each of these kids tote bags
plus the same amount for the lining of them. 
so they were actually quite cheap to make and only took around an hour to make all 3!

They each measure approx 12" x 10"

The only difference is I cut 4" off the FQ to make the handles.

you can make many variations, even making the bag in a clear fabric and adding an appliqué to the front of your childs favourite animal, character etc

(assumes some sewing knowledge)

Place main fabric face up & If adding any appliqué add it now! making sure it is i the centre of the bag, 
once added
Place fabric right side down with lining on top(good side up) & press
Fold in half right side to right side so that lining is showing
Sew down both sides
Fold fabric for handles and sew
Fold top over using 2” of fabric, Add straps approx 4” in from each side and sew

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