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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Big shot Plus Cutting Machine & Sizzix Bigz Dies

Oh yes, it's arrived!!......

......The Big Shot Plus Cutting Machine for me to make some appliqué shapes for my craft projects!

What a sturdy machine it is as well, all I had to do was to fix the handle on and it was ready to go!

Literally within less than 5 mins I was cutting out shapes. 

The machine can easily handle at least 5 pieces of fabric in one go, possibly more but thats as many layers as I have tried at the minute! 

Ill let you know when I try more how the machine handles it!

Anyway below are a few photos, I've still got a lot more of the dies to try so no doubt there will be more photos later on!!lol!! but for now I'm off to play for a while longer!

And here are a few of the shapes I have cut out! 

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