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Thursday, 9 February 2017

A few Tote bags & Tutorial

I always run out of bags while out shopping so I decided to spend a few hours today making a few extra bags to take with me!
These bags are sightly bigger than a normal Tote bag so as to make it easier to get things in and out of whilst packing at the checkout!!

Completed Sizes are:
 14" x 15" for the first bag & 17” x 15” for the last 2 bags

For the first bag I used the following Fabric:

Fabric 36” x 17” + lining piece same size
2 x 34”  x 4” to give 2 handles (end measuring 32” long)

For the bottom 2 bags I used the following Fabric:

1 x 18” x 38” + lining piece same size 
2 x 34”  x 4” to give 2 handles (end measuring 32” long)
2 applique Rectangles measuring 8” x 3”


Place main fabric face up & If adding appliqué add now! making sure it is i the centre of the bag, 
once added
Place fabric right side down with lining on top(good side up) & press
Fold in half right side to right side so that lining is showing
Sew down both sides
Fold fabric for handles and sew
Fold top over using 4” of fabric giving approx 1-1.5” fold over, Add straps approx 4” in from each side and sew

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