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Friday, 1 April 2016

Immanuels Fabric Shop £1/m Fabric

Immanuel Fabrics, Bright Street, off Colne Road, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 1RR
Open 9am - 5pm Monday and Thursday ONLY.


NO phone number, web address, mail order or any other means of non-personal contact. Parking in nearby streets, or excellent public transport.

They take cash only - I think they also still take cheques with a bank guarantee card - no cards.

It is basically a market trader's warehouse in an old deconsecrated chapel, crammed full of rolls of fabric in no particular order. It is cramped, and can be cold and gloomy.

The back room (parish hall) is the £1/m room; EVERYTHING in there is £1/m from 12 inch cafe net to 108 inch sheeting including the linings, the weird spongy stuff and literally hundreds of other things.
The main room and the little offshoot rooms and corridors are equally crammed; fabrics are mainly £3 - £5/m with some lighter weight synthetics at £1.50 - £2 and pure silks, heavy beaded laces etc at £6 - £7. There is a preponderance of furnishing fabrics; they have an excellent range of Prestigious Textiles at £3 and £4/m - current RRP from ~£12 up to ~£40/m

They don't have everything all the time; for instance I've not seen bridal laces there for a year but that isn't to say they might not have some next week!  

When it's gone it's gone.

The staff are pleasant and helpful but you need to ASK for help as there are only two or three of them 'on duty' (its a family business). The young lad (I say this being a plus 60 yo, I'm sure he's not that young!) Chris wears soft baseball boots and will happily climb up the racks and stacks to get rolls down for you, even if you only want to look at them. If you can't safely and easily manage the rolls, please don't try - they will always help but it's no iuse going there if you're in a hurry!

I usually get and pay for a bag full of stuff and leave it behind the counter while I look and buy some more, unencumbered. If you come by car, of course you can take it out to the car and then come back to shop some more.

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