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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sewing Tips

Great site for sewing tips etc

Stuffed Animal Patterns

Found a website with loads of free Animal stuffed toy patterns

Well worth a visit :)

included are dinosaur, owl, cat, birds, dragon, elephant, Fish, frog, giraffe, hedgehog, Lamb, bear, Turtle, dog, plus quite a few others!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Love this blog

This blog has loads of instructions on making clothes without a pattern,
well worth a visit

Baby Doll Cover & Pillow Sets & Instructions

My granddaughter loves Frozen & wanted me to make some dolls covers for her Baby born doll
so here is what I came up with!
Quick Instructions below

(These instructions assume some basic sewing knowledge)

Fabric Needed:

Fabric 2 x  20" x 18"
1 x wadding 20" x 18"
Appliqué picture (for the pink cover only)

Pink Top Cover

1. Cut out a picture, Add Double sided fusible interfacing, place on fabric & appliqué 
2. Press
3.Lay out the Backing Fabric wrong side up and lay wadding on top
4. Lay quilt top, face up on top of the wadding and pin
5. Sew on Edging Fabric to complete the cover (if you are unsure how to do this there are many videos on You Tube with simple Instructions, here is one I used: )

For the Darker Cover simply start from no. 2 of the instructions!


Always Damp press between each stage of making your quilt


1. cut fabric 2x 10" x 8" 
2. with right sides together sew together leaving a 2 " opening
3. turn right way around 
4. fill with toy filling
5. slip stitch the opening


1. Using fabric to match the top covers cut 18" x 21" simply hem around & Press

Aqua Throw/Quilt & Instructions

And here is the finished item!!
the finished size is actually 150cm x 90cm
I have to say I am quite pleased with it

(These instructions assume some basic sewing knowledge)

Fabric Needed:

10 strips of fabric 5" x 30"
1 strip  x 9" x 30"
2 x 6" x 40" strips for the outer edging
2 x 6" x 51" strips for the outer edging

Fleece backing fabric - 160cm x 100cm

1. Arrange fabric as in photo
2. sew strips of fabric pieces together
3. Add  side pieces to main throw
4. Press all seams
5. lay fleece Fabric wrong side up on a flat surface
6. Place patchwork Throw, right side up on top of the fleece
7. Pin into place ensuring all fabric is flat
8. hem around the edge, sewing through both layers of fabric
9. Steam Press

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Work in progress

Just thought I would give you a sneak preview of my latest project, a throw for my living room!
Here are the colours and the rough layout
I am using strips of fabric 12 x 4.5" x 28" & intend to use 5" strips for the edging
giving an overall size of approx 38" x 60"
I will show you again when its finished :)

French Tote Bag & Instructions

I made this today, I was wanting a new tote bag & got this piece of fabric of E Bay a few months ago, & wondered what to use it for! lol!!
The Bag measures approx 10" x 11" & took less than an hour to make

(These instructions presume some basic sewing Knowledge)

 To make a bag you will need:
2 pieces of Fabric 11" x 12"
2 strips 32" x 3.5" for the Handles
24" of 16mm bias binding
The pattern is just a freehand drawing I made myself

1.  With the right sides together sew together leaving an opening at the top, Make sure you do a double seam to give extra strength!

3. Fold, Press & Sew the Handles 

4. added Bias binding to the top of the bag

5. added the handles

6.Turn the right way around & press

You could also add velcrose to the top of the bag if required!

Owl Bag

Another Owl Bag, Instructions in a previous post

Dolls Quilt cover Set

Another Dolls Pram cover made!

Fits dolls up to 17"
Quilt cover measures 12" x 16"
Pillow Measures 8" x 4"

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Credit Card/money Pocket Plus Instuctions

Made a quick Credit card/money pocket for my key ring to save me taking my purse out everytime I go out!lol!

Quick Instructions!

Measurements etc to follow when I can find where I put them! lol!
but basically measure your credit card & add extra for the seams
cut out 2 pieces plus a little extra for the loop
Hem around the top, add the loop & sew the seams around the 3 sides.
Add velcrose to the top & sew in place
Turn the right way & press!

Dolls Pram Quilt

Made this Dolls Quilt & Pillow with left over fabric
It will fit a doll up to around 18"!
Its got fleece on the underside