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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Make your own Manekin! - Tutorial

I found this little tutorial on how to create your own Made to fit dress form for creating clothing 

(Sorry I don't know who originally thought of the idea but if anyone does please let me know so I can give them credit)

1. Put on your short sleeved t shirt, I would suggest using a high collar one so you can tape all the way up to your neck, and a shirt that can stretch to your thighs. (You could always use a long sleeved one as well if you want a full form)
2. Have your friend start at your breast bone and tape up and over your shoulders and around your waist, you can really do this in whatever method but make sure to line your entire upper body and layer it so that it is a thicker width when removing and stuffing.
3. When you are happy with the result of the form using scissors carefully cut up the back of the form, T-shirt too, to remove. And then tape up the arms and neck to cover the holes.
4. Cutting a pillow, or using stuffing, stuff the entire form making sure to get all the edges and then add a board, piece of wood or anything flat and stiff to the back to keep it upright if you like, I do this just to ensure it is heavier and keeps the form from pushing in when working. And then tape up the back slit!
5. Add a tighter T-shirt, plastic wrap, paper mache, or any sort of material over top of it to harden it, make it smoother or just easier to work on if you like. Totally not important but it might help to smoothe down the tape edges if they start to pull up or fray.
6. Leave a bottom hole in order to place on a rod to stand and tape around to keep it upright or just lay it flat on the floor or table when working!

Make sure to always have help from a friend so you do not get stuck.

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