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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Padded Laptop & Matching I Pad Cover - Tutorial

Well I'm going away on holiday soon & wanted to take my laptop & iPad with me so as I haven't got a case for them I decided to spend the afternoon making one and here are the results!
Both are padded & lined to give a bit of extra protection!
Below the pictures are the instructions for each case

(These instructions presume some basic sewing Knowledge)

For The Cover:

1. Measure the size of your laptop or iPad width & Length

2. you will need a piece of Fabric for the outer fabric, double the length(longest edge) plus 6"
i.e laptop length = 14" you will need a piece of fabric 28"+ 6" = 34"
for the width (shortest edge) measure & add 3"
i.e laptop width = 10" - fabric width needed 13"

3. Cut fabric piece, in my case Laptop 14"x10" so I cut a piece of fabric 34" x 13"

4. cut lining 2" bigger all round

5. cut wadding same size as outer fabric

6. Lay the Outer fabric Right side down and lay the wadding on top, then add the lining right side up and pin all layers together, making sure to use the lining to hem the wadding so there is none on view( you don't want any wadding getting into the delicate parts of your laptop or iPad)

7. add a 1.5" hem at both the left & right side near the edge of the fabric- this will form the opening

8. add another stich along to strengthen around the edge of the opening

9. add velcrose to each edge ensuring they line up and sew in place for extra strength

10. fold so right sides of outer fabric are together and double stitch each side for extra strength
11. turn right way & press

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