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Monday, 9 March 2015

Easter Egg Hunt Bags & Tutorial

I bought this fabric as I thought it looked cute! lol!! 

Every year I do an egg hunt at Easter for the Grandkids & decided that instead of trying to find a container for the Grandkids to put the eggs in that they find, I would make some little bags for them to use and here is the end result.
I think you will agree that they look ok , I will let you know what the kids think of them after Easter! lol!
This bag measures approx 6" x 9" & holds 25 cadburys cream eggs!!

(These instructions presume some basic sewing Knowledge)

1. Cut out 1 piece of Fabric 7" wide x 20" long (for the bag)
Plus 2 pieces 2.5" x 10" (for the handles)

2. fold the 2.5"x10" pieces to make the handles and sew together

3. press a 1" hem to both of the short sides of the 7" x 20" piece of fabric

4. place the handle strips & pin 0.5" in from the presses hem

5. sew the hems ensuring you also sew in the handles

6. sew a further strip to the top of the bag to further secure the handles

7. Fold the fabric up with Right sides together & pin ensuring the top edges of the bag is straight

8. Double sew up both sides of the bag, making sure you use reverse stick when beginning & finishing to secure the bag

9. Turn the right way round and press

you could also add velcrose to the top of the bag if required

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