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Monday, 16 February 2015

New Pink Quilt/Playmat Tutorial

Well it may be a few days later than expected but I have finally got this quilt finished!!
I don't think it turned out too bad in the end, What do you think?

This one is 80 x 90cm approx

Fabric Needed:
7 x 2.5" x 22'" 
3 x 5" x 22"
1 x 3" x 33" (for centre strip)
2x 25" x 6"(for top & bottom)
2 x 44" x 6" (for sides)
120cm x 90cm Backing Fabric
120cm x 90cm 2oz Wadding


1. Arrange fabric as shown in the photo
2. Sew the strips together
3. Cut in Half 
4. Add centre strip 3" x 33" 
5. Add the 25" x 6"  strips to the top and bottom of the quilt
6. Add the 44" x 6" strips to the sides of the quilt
7.Lay out the Backing Fabric wrong side up and lay wadding on top
8. Lay quilt top, face up on top of the wadding and pin
9. Sew along the seams through the fabric and wadding to secure it all together ( You tube instructions
10. Sew on Edging Fabric to complete the quilt(if you are unsure how to do this there are many videos on You Tube with simple Instructions, here is one I used: )


Always Damp press between each stage of making your quilt

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