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Monday, 17 February 2014

New Single Bed Throw/Quilt Tutorial

Well today I made this Single Bed Quilt/Throw:
You can make it any size or colour, the principles remain the same but I had loads of pink fabric laying around so decided to use that!
The Overall Size is 190cm x 100cm
Below the photo are the basic instructions should you wish to make one similar for yourself

Fabric Needed:
5 x 1/2 Metre Fabric 44" wide in different colours (for the front)
2metre  44" wide piece of Fabric( for the back)
2metre 4oz Wadding 44" wide (Make sure your wadding conforms to british Standards for safety)

1. Cut the 1/2 metre fabrics into 8" wide pieces, then cut each strip into the following size - 26" and 18"
2. Arrange fabric with a large strip and a small strip for each row( 10 rows in total)
3. When satisfied with the colour arrangement, sew the small and large strip for each row together, so you have 10 individual rows
4. Press each seam
5. Sew each row  together, press with the iron as you go along to save time later
6. Lay the Backing Fabric wrong side up on a large table or flat surface
7. Lay in wadding on top
8. Lay the patchwork Top, right side up and pin around with Patchwork pins, ensuring the fabric is flat with no creases (this can take quite a bit of time)
9. Hem 
10. Stitch with the machine along the strip seams
11. Press with an iron

I hope you enjoy making this Throw/quilt

Hint: You can adapt the size of the quilt by adding more or less strips as required

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