Here you will find a collection of My Craft Projects, My Tutorials & various Sewing & Craft Links that I have found useful.
All my tutorials assume that you have some basic sewing knowledge.
I hope you enjoy your time spent browsing around my blog

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My finished Sewing room

For years I had wanted a room where I could escape to and sew!
Now One of my Kids has left home it seemed like the ideal opportunity to use the spare bedroom as a sewing room
So we bought some kitchen units and an Island top and my hubby set about fitting it in for me
The cupboards are ideal for storing my Fabrics etc and The worktop is fantastic for cutting out & generally working on
The beauty being that I can just leave everything out and go back to it at any time without having to tidy it all away as before in order to 'set the table' for tea! lol!
Behind the curtaining are shelves for more of my stuff!
All in all I love it, my own space to create!!

Christmas Decorations

Well after searching all over for Christmas decorations in pink & in Aqua & being unable to find any I set about making a few!
Here are the results of a few hours work!
I used scraps of Fabric & felt, a few bits of ribbon and some embellishments that I had laying around in my craft room

And the following bows I made with my new BowMaker

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Paris Quilt/ Throw Tutorial

Here is another Quilt/Throw measuring approx 100cm x 100cm that I made today,

I particularly liked the Paris Fabric that I had stored in my stash!

Below are the quick instructions on how to make it

(All my tutorials assume some knowledge of Patchworking/quilting)

Fabric Needed:
1 x 16"x12" for centre piece
18 x 4" squares for next row around centre piece
2 x 21" x4" for sides
2 x 18" x 4" for top and bottom
4x 4" squares for 4 corners
2 x 24" x 8" for outer sides
2 x 28" x 8" for outer top and bottom
4 x 8" squares for outer corners
Piece of Lace (optional)
4" strip x 450 cm for Edging
120cm x 110cm Backing Fabric
120cm x 110cm 2oz Wadding


1. Arrange fabric as shown in the photo
2. Sew the top then bottom 3 x 4" squares together
3. Sew onto the Centre Fabric
4. Sew the side 4" squares together then attach to the side of the centre Piece of fabric
5. Add the 18" x 4" strips to the top and bottom of the quilt
6. Sew on the 4" squares to the top and bottom of the 21" x 4" strips of fabric and attach them to the quilt, measure prior to sewing to ensure the seams match and trim fabric accordingly!
7. Add the 24" x 8" strips to the top and bottom of the quilt
8. Sew on the 8" Squares onto the 28"x 8 "strips, measure prior to sewing to ensure the seams match and trim fabric accordingly, then attach to the quilt
9.Lay out the Backing Fabric wrong side up and lay wadding on top
10. Lay quilt top, face up on top of the wadding and pin
11. Sew along the seams through the fabric and wadding to secure it all together ( You tube instructions
12. Sew on Edging Fabric to complete the quilt(if you are unsure how to do this there are many videos on You Tube with simple Instructions, here is one I used: )

Always Damp press between each stage of making your quilt

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

FQ Tote Bags Tutorial

Ever wondered what to do with a FQ of Fabric? How about a tote bag?
The following bags I made using a FQ and remnants of Fabric for the Handles and Facing!

Fabric Needed:
1FQ Fabric
remnants of fabric measuring, 2x 18" x4" & 2x 4" x 11"

(These instructions presume some basic sewing Knowledge)

1. At both ends add the facing (4"x11"), right sides together, fold over and press, pin and sew along the bottom of the facing to secure
2. Fold and sew the handles, (18"x4") 
3. Attach the handles to each end on the wrong side, sewing twice to secure handles firmly
4. Turn inside out and sew the sides, I always do 2 rows of stiching to make the sides more secure
5. Turn the right way and Press

Monday, 17 February 2014

New Single Bed Throw/Quilt Tutorial

Well today I made this Single Bed Quilt/Throw:
You can make it any size or colour, the principles remain the same but I had loads of pink fabric laying around so decided to use that!
The Overall Size is 190cm x 100cm
Below the photo are the basic instructions should you wish to make one similar for yourself

Fabric Needed:
5 x 1/2 Metre Fabric 44" wide in different colours (for the front)
2metre  44" wide piece of Fabric( for the back)
2metre 4oz Wadding 44" wide (Make sure your wadding conforms to british Standards for safety)

1. Cut the 1/2 metre fabrics into 8" wide pieces, then cut each strip into the following size - 26" and 18"
2. Arrange fabric with a large strip and a small strip for each row( 10 rows in total)
3. When satisfied with the colour arrangement, sew the small and large strip for each row together, so you have 10 individual rows
4. Press each seam
5. Sew each row  together, press with the iron as you go along to save time later
6. Lay the Backing Fabric wrong side up on a large table or flat surface
7. Lay in wadding on top
8. Lay the patchwork Top, right side up and pin around with Patchwork pins, ensuring the fabric is flat with no creases (this can take quite a bit of time)
9. Hem 
10. Stitch with the machine along the strip seams
11. Press with an iron

I hope you enjoy making this Throw/quilt

Hint: You can adapt the size of the quilt by adding more or less strips as required

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fabric Craft Packs

Here is a selection of my fabric Craft Packs made up from left over fabric from other projects!
I pick them up & use them when I'm looking for a small project! saves me time in sorting through all my fabric to find all the bits & pieces!
I've used them to make bags, soft toys, phone cases & loads more things! 

Small Packs
always contains a min:
2 x 10" fabric or equiv, 2 ribbon, 1 lace, 4 buttons, 1 bow

Medium Packs
always contains a min:
1 FQ fabric in 2 or more pieces, 2 ribbon, 1 lace, 4 buttons, 1 bow

Large Packs
always contains a min:
2 x FQ fabric or equiv, 2 ribbon, 1 lace, 6 buttons, 1 bow

How to Make a Playmat/Quilt

(Completed Size 70cm x 60cm)
Approx 2 hours to Complete

Fabric Needed:
 1 piece of fabric 11.5" x 15.5" for the centre 
18 x 4" squares 
2x 18" x 4" Strips(for the top & Bottom)
2x 24" (Strips for the sides)
4x 4" squares for the corners
Large piece of Material for the backing measuring approx 90x80cm
Wadding 2oz measuring approx 90x80cm

Making the Quilt:
Sew the patchwork squares together then attatch them to the centre Piece.
Add the top and bottom strips 
Add the corner strips to the side strips 
then Sew to the rest of the quilt

Cut the backing Material and wadding 
Lay out on a flat surface and Pin to keep in place
Completed by Hemming and sewing around the edges 

Damp press each seam as you go along to give a better finish